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NPBC-V6T – The new pellet burner controller with touch display

 The new NPBC-V6T controller can control a great variety of pellet units, as pellet burners, boilers, stoves, ovens and others. It has been developed with a possibility to be adjusted in a very wide range. Thus it is able to manage different equipments as power, construction and operating principles. The controller has succeed all the positive advantages of the pellet burner controllers manufactured by Naturela for more than 10 years. It is equipped with a new Control module with 3,5 inch IPS display with capacitive Touch sensor-NRC8 and Executive module -NPBC-V4E-1 as standard execution. However an opportunity is provided to work with other versions of executive modules, such as NPBC-V4C.

Some of the important advantages of NPBC-V6T, compared to older variants are:

  • A new more beautiful view of the display, with more displayed information. Thanks to IPS screen technology, it has an extended side viewing angle the same in all directions.

  • A new, more modern Touch- oriented interface for control with virtual buttons, virtual placeс or finger gestures on the screen. All digits parameters are entered directly from a numeric keypad, not just buttons +/-1 unit.

  • Easy connection of the WiFi module to the local Internet network. Through the virtual keyboard, the network name, password and encryption can be entered directly. For future simplification, nearby networks can be scanned by the controller and you can choose from the listed network by entering only the password.

  • Timers with the ability to enter not only an hourly intervals to the nearest minute, but also to what temperature the boiler will heat a water

  • A possibility to include an additional cleaning mechanism with separate control in both direction from FC and AUX outputs, for example a linearly moving movaable grill.
  • A possibility for separate calibration of the auger capacity and caloric value of the pellets for each separate fuel profile.
  • The "Frost protection" function has been added with the possibility of automatic ignition of the burner. In addition, it is possible to periodically switch on the circulation pumps in order to turn the liquid in the heating system and prevent it from freezing.
  • A possibility to automatically reduce of the burner power when the flue gases temperature exceeds the high temperature warning limit.
  • A new more reliable Executive module NPBC-V4E, with the possibility of adding an input for high- temperature thermocouple and air flow sensor.

Mechanisms and sensors connected to NPBC-V6Т:

  • Electric feed screw motor to transfer the fuel from the bunker to the burner (power up to 180W)
  • Electric internal auger motor to forward the fuel to the burning chamber (power up to 180W)
  • Main fan with smooth speed control to regulate the air flow to the burning chamber (power up to 180W)
  • Additional cleaning fan (power up to 900W)
  • Exhaust gases fan with smooth speed control (power up to 180W)
  • Heating element to fire the pellets (power up to 800W)
  • Hot water heater circulation pump (power up to 180W)
  • Central heating installation circulation pump (power up to 180W)
  • Photo sensor to detect the burning fire ( only for NPBC-V6T-1)
  • Thermostat to control the back burning
  • Temperature sensor to control the temperature of the water in the boiler
  • Temperature sensor for the temperature of the hot water heater
  • High temperature sensor pt100 for the temperature of the exhaust gases
  • A potential free socket of a room thermostat for better control of the burning process according to the room temperature.
  • A potential free socket for an forced switch on/ off of the burner
  • Micro USB Interface for connection with a computer to upgrade the software
  • A possibility to install an optional analog output 0-10V, designed to control a frequency inverter for a powerful three- phase air fan.
  • A possibility for second Control module as room thermostat function NRC8-SV or NRC6-SV
  • The controller has a universal power supply, thanks to which it can be used in countries with a 110V/ 60 Hz power supply network

WiFi module mounting

Additional control module with room thermostat function - NRC8-SV

The NPBC-V6T controller is developed with several software variants:

  • NPBC-V6T-1 - pellet boiler controller detecting the burning fire by photo sensor and with temperature control up to 85°C 
  • NPBC-V6T-2 - water jacket pellet stove controller detecting the burning fire by measuring the temperature of the exhaust gases and with temperature control up to 85°C

Working with NRC8:

Download documentation

 Electronic Pellet Burner Controller User Manual Electronic Pellet Burner Controller for Boiler NPBC-V6T-1 - User Manual

Pellet Stove with Water Jacket Controller User Manual Pellet Stove with Water Jacket Controller NPBC-V6T-2 - User Manual

Pellet Stove with Water Jacket Controller User Manual NRC-8SV - Room thermostat and remote control module for NPBC-V6T - User Manual

Web based monitoring and control system Naturela Smart Hode Naturela Smart Home - Web based monitoring and control system

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