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NEWHC1 - Controller for three-phase electrical boiler

NEWHC1 is a controller manages 2 circuits 3 phase electrical boiler. The two circuits can be for heating and DHW with one 3 phase electrical heater еach. The controller consists of the next modules: Control module with 3,5 inch color touch display with capacitive sensor- NRC-8, Measuring- Control module and up to 2 Executive modules with 3 triacs. Each module has max allowable current through each triac up to 40 A AC. The triacs must be cooled by the water passing through the boiler and thus it will heat and their heat is utilized. The controller manages water heating through electrical heaters for a heating installation and an installation for instantaneous heating of the DHW. To control passing of the water during heating installation should use sensors for measuring of flow rate. There is input for sensor which will measure the pressure in the heating installation, as well as an output for direct control of the circulation pump. By measuring the flow rate and the cold water inlet temperature, the heaters of the part DHW is controlled to achieve a stable water temperature depending on the flow rate. The controller has builth-in three phase electricity meter for measuring the current, voltage and power, consumed by each phase. This helps to control the consumption of the consumed energy and to evaluate and analyze the serviceability.of the heaters, cables and triacs. The controller can be connect to system for remote monitoring and control “ Naturela Smart Home”.



Important advantages of NEWHC1:

  • Elegant and informative touch display with intuitive control method. An animated graphic is displayed visualizing boiler, heating installation and DHW installation operation. The control is realized by different ways: through virtual buttons with explanatory icons, gestures or virtual places which lead to context- dependent functions. On the screen is displayed and a lot of information as temperatures, voltage of the 3 phase power supply and others.
  • The voltage, current and consumed active power of each phases are measured. This provide accurate information for consumed energy by the electrical boiler, allow analyzes and detection of damages in the heaters or the power unit.
  • Hourly graphs with consumed electrical energy are displayed

  • There is a smooth control of the supplied power to the heaters through which the temperature of the circulation water in the heating installation or heating of the DHW can be maintained sufficiently accurately and evenly.

  • There is a possibility for measuring and displaying of the water pressure in Heating part. This will make easier filling the installation with water and allow control operation in real time.

  • The flow rate of the water during heating installation and DHW installation is measured and visualized.

  • Second Control module with function of room thermostat can be connected to controller. In this way can be displayed information for operation of the boiler in one of the house rooms and modulate water temperature in the heating installation as function of set room temperature.

  • Availability of weekly timers to manage the heating depending of customers.

  • Builth-in program for optimal drying of floor screed of water floor heating.


Download documentation

  Electronic Pellet Burner Controller User Manual Controller for three-phase electrical boilerr NEWHC1 - User Manual

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