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Privacy Policy

Dear clients,
Because GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) becomes enforceable on 25 May 2018, we want to describe why do we need to collect few of yours personal data.
We collect your personal data and use it for this reasons:
●To identify clients looking for our products and to know what information and to who we need to send.
●When you buy something, to be able to send your products to correct address and to provide to couriers all needed for that information
●When you want to sign contract with us.
●For invoicing needs.
●To be able to send you information, when our QA department find a problem in our products, which you have.
●To inform you whenever we create new version of our software.
●To make better offer for you, based on your personal data.
●Improving our technical support for our sold devices.
We will use your data only after your agreeing either by sending us through the system or by phone. We can’t sell to anonymous, because we neither can deliver them our products, nor to
fill an invoice.
We should send needed data to couriers services in order to deliver products to you.
We will not save personal data, which is not needed from us in order to complete contract with you.
We will not sell your personal data to third party which are not connect with your contract, without your agreement.
We will keep secure your data, until we need. We will need them until

we complete your contract, warranty period expire or end date of support of the specific product.

If you send an email on with email from which you first contacted us, we can correct or remove your personal data.

Today we create these products and solutions,
whose absence would be unthinkable tomorrow!

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Controllers for pellet burner and boiler
Digital electronic controllers for water heaters
Digital electronic controllers for household heating appliances
Remote Monitoring systems for Photovoltaic Power Plant
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