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NATURELA is established in 1994 by a team with many years of experience in electronic computerized equipment development and design. All our more than 150 products are developed by our design teams with our original hardware and software. Our software engineers can be proud with more than 400 000 lines of an original software. Many of the hardware ideas are created by us for the first time.

We take a special care to keep constantly a high quality and reliability of our products. Keeping the engagements and dead-lines is more than a law for us. We keep honest and loyal relations with everyone of our clients.

During all the time from its establishment NATURELA develops as a company with exact sense of new solutions or services. Our aim is to use original and successful ideas to create useful and  distinguishable products. NATURELA team is among the pioneers introducing IT and microprocessor devices in homes and industry. We can say with proud that our solutions changed a little but forever the way of living of a large part of Bulgarian people. For example we can point  RITA-V2 - the  telephone calls charging system that was working in many towns and villages (more than 490). This resulted not only in many new jobs in "Bulgarian Telecommunication Company" (BTC) but led to technical modernization improving telephone exchanges maintenance and call quality. After the installing  RITA-V2 system in all major towns in 2003 it became possible to equalize the way of the calls charging in the BTC local digital and analog automatic telephone exchanges.


Today we create these products and solutions,
whose absence would be unthinkable tomorrow!

About us

Controllers for pellet burner and boiler
Digital electronic controllers for water heaters
Controllers for electric heating appliances
Remote Monitoring systems for Photovoltaic Power Plant
Obsolete products

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