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NHC-H52-2 - Controller for combined electric water heaters with a solar collector and a boiler

 NHC-H52-2 is a new, better looking and smarter electronic temperature regulator, designed to be installed in combined water heaters with an electrical heating element, a solar collector and a boiler. Thanks to its built-in powerful 32-bit microprocessor and bigger color screen, the temperature regulator has many new control options and possibility to display useful information about its work. You can connect a mono phase or three phase electrical heating element and circulation pumps of the boiler and the solar collector installations directly to NHC-H52-2. It uses five temperature sensors to measure the necessary temperatures: one in the boiler, one for the solar collector and three in the bottom, middle and top section of the water tank. The temperature regulator is controlled by a new generation reliable and tested software, that is designed to automatically recognize the best heat source for the moment and to heat up the water for as less expenses as possible. The controller uses a new design for all the setting menus, thus its usage is easier and more intuitive. 

Important advantages of the new generation controllers with color display NHC-H52-2:

  • Better looking and modern design with more and clearer information on the display.

  • New, more intuitive setting menus for the work parameters

  • New, clearer diagrams with the consumed energy and the work of the circulation pumps

  • Information about the date and time of the activated safe modes or the registered problems in the self-diagnostic.

  • New timer for the electrical heating element with option to choose the day of the week and the temperature for the water.

  • Detailed algorithm to choose and control the different heat sources, in order to decrease the consumed energy.

  • Two possible control modes for the boiler pump: Central Heating priority and Domestic Hot Water priority

  • Improved safe modes

  • Messages and menus in Bulgarian, English and Russian.


Download documentation

NPBC-V3M - Technical Information (EN) Electronic temperature regulator for combined water heater - NHC-H52

NPBC-V3M - Technical Information (EN) Naturela Smart Home - Web based monitoring and control system

NPBC-V3M - Technical Information (EN) Managing NHC-H52 through Naturela Smart Home system 

NPBC-V3M - Technical Information (EN) Smart controllers for Water Heaters

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