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NHC-33 / NHC-34 / NHC-34M - Digital Electronic Controller for Electric Water Heaters

NHC-33, NHC-34 and NHC-34M are new electronic temperature regulators for electric water heaters of higher class. The device has a wide graphic LCD display with added new and useful functions that increase the conveniences when using the water heater. The main aim of this device is to increase the energy effectiveness of the water heating, which directly lead to reduction of the costs for consumed electric power. The models differ in face panel shape, size and control buttons.
View on screen when switched boiler with delayed start
Screen when water heaters is On

In addition to the accurate temperature regulating this block has several extra options:
  • Antibacterial protection of the water. Periodic water heater is heated to 70 degrees, thanks to which destroy bacteria penetrated by water
  • Monitor the leakage current to the water. Such damage is very dangerous in wet bath but the water heater will keep you from it.
  • Control on the condition of the anode protection of the water container.
  • Allows programming at intervals a day when you will be permitted on the electric heater. So you will create your own strategy for the most economical heating, such as working only at night.
  • Set any time to "delayed start" heating. This is extremely convenient when using the heater in a temporary living quarters.
  • Provides information on electricity consumed by two tariffs or through the hourly chart for the last 7 days.
  • The device controls the good working order of the heater and provides information if the heater does not heat the water.
  • The device detects leakage of current from the heater to the water and automatically switches off the heater if such problem occurs.
  • As a precaution upon using the heater at places exposed to low temperatures when the temperature of the water falls below 3°C the device will switch on automatically the heater, thus preventing the freezing.
Diagram of electricity consumed by hours the previous day
Hourly chart with electric power consumed

Main features:
  • A multifunctional LCD display with negative image (white letters on black background) that shows the following information:
    • The current temperature of the water;
    • The condition of the anode protector;
    • Current time (hours and minutes);
    • The time for switching on and off of the heater if the desired period is set;
    • The remaining time to the switching on of the heater upon setting of “delayed start”
    • Messages for failures(if any);
    • Consumed electric power;
    • The set temperature;
  • Control via 4 (or 5) buttons accompanied by a sound signal when pressing the button
  • There is an option to connect an UPS in order to keep the circulating pumps working until the mains is back.
  • Alarm upon detecting problems in the heater
  • Accuracy of measuring and temperature setting – up to 1°.
  • Heaters power – up to 3KW.
  • Measured leakage of current from the heater to the water - from 30mA (AC)
  • A powerful algorithm for control of the water heating processes is installed in the device, which ensures actual energy saving

energy-saving control mode - Smart Control
Energy saving mode Smart Control

NHC-33 / NHC-34 / NHC-34M are designed for building in the production of new water heaters made by Eldominvest Ltd.


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  NHC-34 User manual

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