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NHC-562 - Controller for smart electric water heater with two tanks

NHC-562 is a thermoregulator, designed to be installed into the new modern flat electric water heaters with two water tanks in series. It controls two electric heaters and two thermosensors for water temperature measurement, one for each water tank. Like all our new products , this thermoregulator has a beautifully shaped view of its color display , giving a lot of information about the boiler's state and operation. All parameters required for the operation of the thermoregulator are set through clear and intuitive menus using 4 miltifunction buttons. The specific function of each button in the various menus and screens is displayed with well associative icons on the display. For clearer readability it is possible to rotate the display image and rearrange the buttons function, when the boiler is mounted horizontally.

Important advantages of the electronic thermoregulator NHC-562:


  • Improved algorithm for automatically electricity saving when operating in “Smart control” mode. There are two options to choose priority for control heating: using a cheaper nighttime electricity or using an hourly weekly schedule for hot water consumption, compliant with Regulation (EU) 814/2013. The “ Night Electricity” priority algorithm saves a lot of energy costs in the place where it is significantly cheaper at the night. In order to use “ Consumption schedule” priority, you must go through a self- study process for 7 days.
  • Displays of a lot useful information, containing: time and date, hot water available, heaters operation, upcoming on/off switch, registered errors and others
  • Displays hourly schedules of used electricity and average water temperature
  • When the errors or special events in the boiler operation are registered, diagnostic information with the exact time and date of the event is recorded
  • Consumption of the consumed electricity at two tariffs
  • Accounting of the saved amount of the electricity
  • Information on the estimated time remaining until the heaters are switched off
  • Availability of 7 weekly timers with a set temperature for heating at the interval they set
  • Antilegionela function for boiler protection from bacteria in the hot water
  • Delayed start function for delayed start of the heating
  • There is a sound when the errors are registered or pressing buttons
  • Availability of a backup power supply to the electronic unit for clock support up to 24 hours power failure.
  • A possibility to install of the NRM-W3, WiFi module for connection to Naturela Smart Home system (NSH)- system for remote monitoring and control.

The new version of the Controller for water heater with two tanks NHC-562W, now with built-in WiFi module


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