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NHC-56M - Controller for intelligent electric water heater

NHC-56M is a new modern and intelligent thermoregulator for electrical water heaters. It has a latest generation of self-learning algorithms for automatic saving of electricity costs, fulfilling the Ecodesign recommendations of Regulation EN 814/ 2013. An ntc thermosensor is used to measure the water temperature.

Main advantages of electronic thermoregulator NHC-56M:

  • A new powerful algorithm for automatic energy saving in “Smart Control” mode. You can choose the priority when select a saving strategy: relying mainly of low cost tariff or using a pre-studied individual hot water consumption schedule. The first method of saving will give you very good results in reducing costs if you can use at least 25% cheaper low cost tariff or if you don't have a uniform water consumption within the same day and hour every week. The second saving method is suitable if the customer hot water usage is repeated every week. Then the boiler will be able to track and memorize the personal water usage for a week and consequently automatically will determine how much hot water you should have available at any time.

  • More modern and beautiful appearance thanks to a new color TFT display.
  • Control through new modern and associative on- screen menus.
  • Display of very useful information on the display, containing: time and date, measured and set temperature, heater operation, upcoming switching on/ off, registered errors and others.
  • Display graphics by hours with the used electricity and the average water temperature 

    • Report about electricity consumption at two tariffs.

  • In “Smart control ” mode there is an additional “ Eco” indicator, gives the boiler momentary possibility to save energy.
  • Availability of 7 weekly timers, which work in two modes with change the set temperature in the selected interval or with switching on/off of the heating.
  • “ Antilegionela” function to protect the boiler from bacteria in the warm water.
  • Delay start function for delayed turning on of the heating.
  • Possibility to mount a WiFi module ( NRM-W3) for connection to the remote monitoring and control system through Internet- Naturela Smart Home (NSH).

  • NHC-56MW - controller with built-in WiFi module

    Availability of a sound signal when errors record or pressing buttons.

    Availability of reserved power supply of the electronic block for clock maintenance when the power supply drops up to 24 hours.

Download documentation

 Electronic Pellet Burner Controller User Manual Controller for smart electrical water heater NHC-56M - User Manual

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