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NHC-PC3E - Electronic Temperature Regulators for electric panel convector

 NHC-PC3E is an electronic temperature regulator, designed for the electrical panel convectors model CW-xxxx, produced by Eldominvest. It is controlled by a fast microprocessor with reliable software that uses a smart algorithm to achieve and precisely maintain the set temperature in the room. It has three additional work modes that make the exploitation of the convector easy and convenient: “Delayed start” allows turning on the heating soon before you are back home, “Delayed stop” turns the appliance off in case you have forgotten to do that before leaving, and “Sleep mode” automatically decreases the temperature while you are sleeping and after 6 hours increases it again to the set value. The panel convectors with electronic temperature regulators made by NATURELA are able to decrease the electricity consumption with more than 25% for the heating season.

Important advantages of NHC-PC3E:

  1. Smooth and quiet power regulation of the heater.
  2. Accurately maintains the set temperature.
  3. Continuous indication of the temperature in the room.
  4. „Delayed start“
  5. „Delayed stop“
  6. „Sleep“ mode for energy-efficient heating during the night.
  7. Button press sound
  8. Sound alarm in case the appliance is turned aside on the ground
  9. A sensor for the level of illumination in the room – in case it is dark, the indicators’ brightness decreases
  10. An option to lock the buttons for child control
  11. Precision of the measured temperature - 1%
  12. Consumption in “Standby” mode < 0.5W


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