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NHC-PC5 - Electronic Temperature Regulators with color display for electric panel convector

 NHC-PC5 is a new electronic temperature regulator designed for built in an electric panel convector CW-xxxx type, produced by Eldominvest. The temperature regulator has a modern 1.8 '' TFT display and a possibility to display more and more detailed information about the current status and work of the panel convector. It has 4 navigation buttons through some clear and associative menus in Bulgarian and English. The menus allow quickly and easily to be set all parameters. The temperature regulator has some work modes:''Standby'', ''On'', ''Delayed Start'', allows turning on the heating with set delayed, Sleep, which will decrease smoothly and automatically the temperature for 6 hours; and control by timers mode. The electronic temperature regulator has 7 timers for programming intervals in a day with accuracy to minute and a possibility to set in which days of the week should be activated.


Most important advantages of NHC-PC5 :

  • A modern design with constant indication of the work mode , the room temperature, current hour and date , а power supplied to the heater etc.

  • А clear control interface with modern design of the menus in Bulgarian and English.

  • A smooth and quiet power regulation of the heater.
  • А precise maintaining of the temperature set.


  • An option for separate measuring of the consumed electrical power in kWh in two tariffs or graphically in hours for last 7 days.
  • Delayed start

  • Sleep mode for energy-efficient heating during the night.

  • Accurate control of the set temperature by setting to six weekly programs. You can set intervals of the day and of the week with accuracy to one minute so and the temperature which must be keep in this period. The weekly programs can work in two modes: “Change T” and “On/Off”.

  • Button press sound

  • Sound alarm in case the appliance is turned aside on the ground.

  • Overheating protection of the convector in case of closing of the air vents for the circulation of the air.

  • An options to lock the buttons for child protection control.

  • Room temperature control with open window detection. In this case the panel convector will turn off until there is a registration for closing the window or after 60 minutes.

  • A presence of a reserved power supply for clock maintenance and the program started, in case of main power supply failed.

  • A possibility to be equipped with a WiFi module NRM-W3 for connection to Naturela Smart Home system for remote monitoring and control panel convector through the web.

    The new version of the temperature regulators for electric panel convector NHC-PC5W, now with built-in WiFi module.

Download documentation

 Web based monitoring and control system Naturela Smart Hode MyEldom - Web based monitoring and control system - User manual

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