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NHPC-V3 – Controller for Heat Pump with electronic expansion valve control

NHPC-V3 is a new generation intelligent controller for split system water heater with heat pump mounted in an outdoor unit. The controller has two blocks: Power block NHPC-PM-V3.2 controlling all aggregates of the outdoor unit and Controlling block NHC-H43 or NHC-35, mounted inside the water heater. NHPC-V3 controls directly all of the aggregates of the heat pump and the electrical heater. To NHPC-V3 could be connected:

  • Compressor with power up to 1600W;

  • Electronically adjustable air fan;

  • Electronically adjustable expansion valve;

  • Four-way valve;

  • Electrical heater with power up to 3kW

To the controller could be connected the following sensors:

  • Up to 6 temperature sensors measuring the temperature in the lower and the upper end of the water container, the temperature before and after the evaporator, the temperature after the compressor and the outdoor temperature of the ;
  • Pressure switch input for high pressure;
  • Pressure switch input for low pressure;

NHPC-V3 main screen

Water heaters with NHC-H43 controller can control an additional installation with solar collector.


 The controller NHPC-V3 are designed for building in the production of new water heaters made by ELDOMINVEST

Download documentation

   NHPC-V3 Technical Information 

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