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NHPC-V2 - Heat Pump Water Heater Controller

NHPC-V2 is designed for installing in household water heaters with an air-source heat pump and an electric heating element. Its main purpose is to control the water heating process in an effective and user-manageable manner. The controller drives a compressor, a two-speed fan, a 4-way valve for the defrost cycles and an electric heater element. It has three temperature sensors - two for the water tank (up and bottom) and one for the evaporator. The LCD display along with the four control buttons makes it easy to manipulate the heater and get the information needed at a glance.

The main features of the controller are:
  • Intuitive and user-friendly setup
  • Wide LCD display showing variety of useful information
  • Digital clock and Calendar
  • Power consumption information
  • Measuring of momentary voltage, current and consumed power.
  • Manual setting of On/Off timers
  • Anode protector indicator for models with enameled tanks
  • Controller self-diagnostics and error message display with automatic mode change to avoid any hazard.
  • Automatic protection against freezing of water tank
  • Anti-Legionella protection mode
The controller displays simultaneously the water temperature in the upper and bottom end of the water container. To indicate heat pump and electric heater element operation the controller lights up the corresponding LED and shows a comprehensible animation on the LCD display. To guarantee compressor's long life, the controller maintains minimum compressor off-time and protection against high and low voltages. Controller's diagnostics guarantees easy and timely maintenance.

Main screen for manual operation
Main screen in manual mode

Main screen in automatic mode
Main screen in automatic mode
Anit-Legionella cycle
Activating a Anit-Legionella cycle


The controller NHPC-V2 are designed for building in the production of new water heaters made by SUNSYSTEM


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