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NPBC-V3M - Electronic Pellet Burner Controller

The controller NPBC-V3M is a hardware and software upgrade of the already proven controller NPBC-V3. The new version has all the functions and options of the old pellet burner controller, plus some additional improvements. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Outputs with increased carrying capacity up to 16 A
  • Inputs, protected from high-voltage peaks, induced in the cables
  • Improved input filter to suppress the noises to the mains power supply
  • A new control module mounted in a housing
  • (Optional) A high temperature pt100 sensor measures the temperature of the flue gases to rate the pollution of the boiler's heat exchanger. If the heat exchanger has gained a lot of soot, the temperature of the flue gases is higher and the boiler works less efficiently.
  • (Optional) Could be used a bigger control module NRC-5 with 2.7'' LCD display and a new face panel.
  • (Optional) An analog output (0-10V), that duplicates the air fan control with an option to control a frequency inverter for a powerful fan
  •  Due to its universal power supply and the required output power that it has, the controller can be used in countries with mains power supply on 110V/60Hz
  • Integrated languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, German, Latvian, Greek and Bulgarian

Mechanisms and sensors that could be connected to NPBC-V3M-1

  • Electric feed screw motor to transfer pellets from the bunker to the burner (power up to 180W)
  • Electric internal auger motor to forward the fuel to the burning area (power up to 180W)
  • Main blower with smooth speed control to regulate the air flow (power up to 180W)
  • Cleaner motor - an additional high power blower to clean the burner ( power up to 900W)
  • A blower for the flue gases (power up to 180W)
  • Heater for firing the pellets ( power up to 800W)
  • Hot water heater circulation pump (power up to 180W)
  • Central heating circulation pump (power up to 180W)
  • (Optional) Frequency inverter to power up a powerful air fan
  • Photo sensor to detect ignition
  • Temperature sensor or thermostat to control the backfire
  • Temperature sensor to control the water in the boiler
  • Temperature sensor for the hot water heater
  • High temperature pt100 sensor to measure the temperature of the flue gases.
  • A potential free contact of a room thermostat for more precise control of the burning process, depending on the room temperature.
  • A GSM module's potential-free socket for remote start and stop of the burner
  • A socket for an open door sensor for emergency shutdown of the burner
  • RS 232 interface for connection with a computer.


Designed to replace the older version of the pellet burner controller, NPBC-V3M-1 is used in the burners, produced by SunSystemBiotechGreyko , Komand and many others.

Because of its universal software, this controller is suitable for many different kinds of pellet burners. Many end customers use it to replace a different old controller or just to build their own homemade pellet burner. If you are just about to start such a project and you need more instructions on how to build a burner, you can see a manual for that on the following web site:

You can see another example for a homemade burner from the following video:


Download documentation


NPBC-V3M - Technical Information (EN)  NPBC-V3M - Technical Information

NPBC-V3M-1 - User Manual (EN)  Electronic Pellet Burner Controller NPBC-V3M-1 - User Manual

Monitoring Software for NPBC-V3M-1  Remote Monitoring and Control Software for NPBC-V3M-1 - User Manual

NPBC-V3M-B - User Manual (EN)  Pellet burner controller for an oven – NPBC-V3M-B - User Manual

NPBC-V3M-B - User Manual (EN)  Pellet stove controller – NPBC-V3M-E - User Manual

NPBC-V3M-1 - Manuel d' utilisation (French) Commande Électronique pour brûleur à pellets NPBC-V3M-1 Manuel d' utilisation (French)

NPBC-V3-1 - Manual do Usuário e Instalador (PT) 
Controlador electrónico para queimador a biomassa e pellets NPBC-V3M-1 - Manual do Usuário e Instalado(Portuguese)

NPBC-V3M-1 - Manual Técnico (SP) 
Controlador electrónico quemadores de Pellets - NPBC-V3M - Manual Técnico (Spanish version)

NPBC-V3M-1 -Manual de Usuario (SP) Controlador electrónico para quemadores y calderas de biomasa NPBC-V3M (Spanish version) 

NPBC-V3M-1 -Manual de Usuario (SP) Programa para monitoreo a distancia y control de NPBC-V3M-1 (Spanish version) 

NPBC-V3M-1 -Manual de Usuario (SP) Bedienungsanleitung - Elektronischer Steuerungsgeräte für Pelletbrenner NPBC-V3M-1 (German version) 


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