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NHC-H34 - Digital Electronic Controller for Water Heaters with Solar collector

NHC-H34 is a new generation of electronic temperature regulators, designed for management and control of an electric water heaters, combined with a solar thermal collectors. Both models have a modern, multifunctional graphic LCD display. Via these temperature regulators a new class of combined electric boilers is developed, combining the electrical and solar power in one device.

Working with an electric heater in Smart mode
Energy saving mode Smart

Among the important features of these temperature regulators are:
  • Reducing the prime cost of the water heating system – one boiler with a joint regulator for the two types of power. No need of a separate controller for control of the circulating pump.
  • Better integration of solar and electrical power. As you know, the solar power is generated free of charge and the electrical power is always available.
  • Antibacterial protection of the water. Periodic water heater is heated to 70 degrees, thanks to which destroy bacteria penetrated by water
  • A modern design and new useful information for water heater users.
Working with solar and delayed start of the electric heater
Working with solar collector and electric heater

The digital controllers NHC-H33 / NHC-H34 have some specific advanced features, which can not be found in other devices of the same class:
  • Power adding when the sun can not heat the water up to the necessary temperature.
  • An automatic anti-freeze function, protecting the boiler from freezing by starting the electric heater when the water temperature drops below 3°C.
  • An automatic anti-freeze function, protecting the solar collector system from freezing. When the temperature drops below the freezing point of the heat-transfer fluid the circulating pump will start and will transfer heat from the boiler to the solar collector.
  • Overheating protection of the solar collector - If the warm water in the boiler is not used for a longer period and the heat coming from the collector can not be transferred anywhere, an alarm will be activated.
  • Providing information about the status of the anode protector.
  • Providing information about electric leakage from the heater to the casing more than 30mA.
  • Available adaptive power-saving algorithm used in the electric heater to heat the water.
  • Self-diagnostic of all circuits.
  • There is an option to connect an UPS in order to keep the circulating pumps working until the mains is back.
  • A clock, which allows programming of a specific scheme for switching on and off of the electric heater, ensuring an automatic use of a time zone with cheaper power.
  • Delayed start timer, allowing adjusting the date and time for start up of the electric heater.
  • An option for separate measuring of the consumed electrical power in kWh in two or more tariffs or graphically.
Graphics power consumption of the boiler
  • Simultaneous display of the water temperature in the lower and upper side of the boiler and of the temperature in the heat-exchanger of the solar collector.
  • Automatic protection of the solar collector from overheating during long absence from home by Holiday mode
Holiday mode is activated
Holiday mode is activated

NHC-H33 / NHC-H34 are designed for building in the production of new water heaters made by Eldominvest Ltd.

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  NHC-H34 User manual

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