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Why a electronic temperature controller in electric panel convector is needed?

If the circumstances demand an electric heating, one can do at least two things: to use the best possible thermal insulation and to look for the most effective heating appliance. One can use an air conditioner or a heat pump since they are proved to be the most effective heating appliances, but they are an expensive investment. Another good option is an electric heating appliance controlled by a smart temperature regulator. Such kind of appliances are the panel convector heaters with Naturela electronic temperature regulators. One may doubt that a simple electrical heater can be more efficient and will be right. There are no losses in electrical heating and the electricity is directly converted to heat. The aim of the smart controller is to create a comfortable micro climate and to skip the unnecessary room heating. The most important is that the energy savings are done fully automatically.

It is well known that when the temperature is even distributed in the room, the comfort is better. If the heater is switched on after coming back from work, the lower part of the room will be colder than the upper part. That will be the reason for one to increase the set temperature in order to satisfy his feeling of warmth. However if the panel convector heater is on whole the day, even with low set temperature, it will give enough comfort and it would not be necessary to heat the room unduly until reaching an even temperature distribution. Of course, the heating may be stopped when nobody is home. Our electronic controllers have the exceptionally useful mode “Delayed start”. Thus, before coming back home, the panel convector heater will switch on to warm the favorite place to the desired temperature. That is not all. Our electronic controllers have the mode “Delayed stop”, or “Sleep” to get in bed when the room is warm enough and during the night the temperature will be lowered for better sleep and more energy saving.

Last but not least, some features of these electronic controllers should be noticed: they control the temperature exceptionally precisely and are completely noiseless due to the absence of mechanical switching devices.

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