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Why a monitoring system of the photovoltaic plants is needed?

Some of the most important parts of the photovoltaic plants are the solar panels and the DC installation that connects them with the inverters. Their flawless functioning is responsible for the whole plant effectiveness and the amount of the generated power. It is well known that  the photovoltaic plants are expensive and not missing any particular kWh of power is important. This is the way to return the investment in a predicted time. The continuous control and in time repairs are  important when all the equipment is outdoor under the caprices of nature. For that purpose NATURELA developed the new “Photovoltaic plants remote monitoring system PV-SCTL16”. Using such a system is the only successful way to maintain high power photovoltaic plants lying over tens of hectares with tens of thousands photovoltaic panels. Other methods for measuring and estimating the panels and their installation condition are impracticable. There is a risk of faults detection and repair delay if an automatic intelligent monitoring system is not used, that means missed incomes. Another important purpose of PV-SCTL16 string monitoring system is to control losses in the cables and the inverters or as a result of a shading. The system with 1% guaranteed current and voltage measuring accuracy is able to make reliable comparisons.

The  NATURELA systems will give you the most important: calm and security. Wherever you are you will know that your photovoltaic plant is working properly.

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