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NHC-32 - Electronic Temperature Regulator with LED display for Electric Water Heaters

NHC-32 is electronic temperature regulator with LED display designed for an electric water heaters. This block not only regulates precisely the temperature, but also controls the condition of the heater and the anode protection of the water container. The main aim to create such device is to increase the energy effectiveness of the electric water heaters and reduce the costs for electric power. Thanks to its new function “delayed start” it facilitates the use of cheaper electric energy at night. When using the heater at places, exposed to low temperatures, there is an option for automatic switch on of the heater when the temperature of the water falls below 5°C, which prevent the water container from freezing.

The temperature regulator NHC-32 operates in two operation modes:

“Heating up” – this is the main mode of the controller. In this mode the display shows the current temperature of the water and the heater switches on and off according to the set temperature.

“Delayed start” – you may set the time when you want the heater to turn on automatically and the desired temperature of the water.

Main features:
  • Digital LED display.
  • Multifunctional control with 4 buttons
  • Precise setting of the temperature with accuracy up to 1°
  • Indicator for the switching on time in the delayed start mode
  • Indicator for the condition of the anode protector and when it has to be replaced with a new one.
  • Indicator for the heater failure: power cut or leakage to the body.


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