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NPBC-V5 - A high class pellet boiler and burner controller

 The controller NPBC-V5 is designed to run high class pellet boilers which use more sensors and mechanisms. It has 18 inputs and 20 outputs. One of the inputs is for a lambda sensor and two of the outputs supply analog controlled valves for primary and secondary air flow. The controller's outputs are designed for mechanisms that work on mains power supply 220VAC or 110VAC. Two of the outputs are designed to run blower fans and to control their rotation speed by decreasing the supplied power by width modulation of the current's sinewave. The controller measures the load on every output and displays an alarm message if a failure occurs. Simple and clear menus allow the user to adjust most of the parameters needed for the adaptation of the controller to the different types of boilers and burners. NPBC-V5 is an universal controller suitable for pellet boilers and heating installations with different construction and complexity.

The controller is consisted of two modules: a Control module (with graphic LCD display and 4 control buttons) and Executive module that powers up and runs all the mechanisms. The controller's different versions work with the following mechanisms and sensors:

  • Ignition heater to fire up the pellets with power up to 1200W

    NPBC-V5L-1 main screen

  • Electric auger motor that transfers the pellets from the tank to the burner

  • Electric auger motor that transfers the pellets inside the burner

  • Main fan that supplies the burner with air with an option for a smooth control of the rotation speed

  • Additional exhaust fan that helps the chimney to take out the gases with an option for a smooth control of the rotation speed

  • Cleaning fan

  • Soot cleaning mechanism

  • A mechanism for a mechanical cleaning, controlled by two separate outputs for moving forward and backward

  • DHW (domestic hot water) circulation pump

  • Central heating installation circulation pump

  • Accumulating buffer tank circulation pump

  • Circulation pump for a solar installation to heat up the water in the buffer tank

  • 4-way valve control to mix the water to decrease the temperature in the floor heating installation

  • Emergency light control if there is a problem in the burner or with the fuel

  • Photo sensor to detect the ignition

  • High temperature sensor pt100 or pt1000 to control the temperature of the exhaust gases

  • Lambda sensor

  • Temperature sensor or thermostat to control the back burning

  • Temperature sensor to control the temperature of the water in the boiler

  • Temperature sensors for the temperature of the water in the bottom and top section of the buffer tank

  • Open door sensor for the boiler

  • Temperature sensor for the temperature of the water in the floor heating installation

  • Temperature sensors for the solar collector and the hot water heater

  • Hall sensor to control the rotation speed of the main fan

  • An input for a room thermostat to control the burning process depending on the room temperature


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