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NHC-H42 – Electronic temperature regulator for combined water heater with up to two heat exchangers

NHC-H42 is a new generation of electronic temperature regulators, designed to be built in combined water heaters with up to three heat sources: an electrical heater, a solar installation and a boiler. This controller keeps the good achievements of the line NHC-H4x, but also has an additional temperature sensor to measure the water heater's temperature in the middle section, new automated algorithm for control and exploitation and an option for remote control and software update. As a tradition, the controller has a graphic LCD display. In addition, it has two built in differential temperature regulators and an option to work either with mono-phase, or with three-phase heaters. The controller is compact and built in the water heater to make the building of the external heating installations more convenient. All the necessary temperature sensors and circulation pumps connect directly to NHC-H42. No additional switch boards or complex external installation are needed. The information displayed on the screen is clear, meaningful and useful. Thanks to the three temperature regulators, united in one controller, all the advantages of the different heat sources can be successfully combined: some of them free, and others – always available. For example, if the sun hasn't been strong enough all day, you can always program the controller to turn on the electrical heater to get enough hot water.


Specific advantages of the temperature regulator NHC-H42:


  • New automated software with fewer and easier menus for entering the necessary parameters. The work modes are more simple, because the controller chooses by itself which heat source is best to be used.


  • Measures and displays the temperature in the water heater in 3 points at the same time: on the bottom near the heater, in the middle over the solar collector's heat exchanger and from the top over the boiler's heat exchanger.

  • Automatic turns on a relieving mode to protect the solar collector of overheating.

  • Uses energy from the electrical heater, if the water heated by the solar collector is not enough. For this helps the option to set not only the maximum temperature for the heater to work, but also the minimum for it to turn on. This way, if the solar radiation is enough to heat up the needed water, the electrical heater won't turn on, because it might not get to the set minimum limit. But if the weather is not good and there is not enough sun light, the electrical heater automatically heats up the water heater.

  • Automatic uses energy from the boiler or fireplace installation when high enough temperature is detected.

  • Automatic uses heat from the solar collector.

  • Protects the water heater and the solar collector from freezing.

  • Information about the anode protector's condition.

  • Information if a leakage more than 30mA from the heater to the housing occurs and automatically turns off the water heater.

  • New energy saving algorithm for using the electrical heater if it is the only option.

  • All used circuits diagnostic.

  • Three timers let you set the time when the electrical heater's work is allowed.

  • System date and time. Knowing what time it is when you are in the bathroom is really convenient.

  • Reports the consumed energy in kWh digitally for two rates.

  • Graphics divided by hours for the current and previous day with information about used energy and the boiler's and solar collector's circulation pumps work time.

  • Watches for the heater's proper work and displays a message if the water is not heated as fast as it is expected.
  • A possibility to connect an external UPS to keep the circulation pumps and the controller working if the mains power fails.



  NHC-H42-2 User manual

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