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NPBC-V3 - Universal pellet burner controller with expanded functions

NPBC-V3 is a device controlling at the same time a pellet burner, a boiler with a cleaning system and an additional ventilation, circulation pumps for water heating and central heating and others. It has 12 outputs switching on and off different actuators by the 220 VAC mains voltage. Two of the outputs are PWM type. NPBC-V3 can be adapted to every pellet burner, thanks to the convenient menus that allow all parameters setting. A part of the controller can be powered by UPS in order to finish properly the procedure of fire extinguishing if there is a mains outage.

The following actuators and sensors can be connected to the controller:
  • Electric feed screw motor to transfer pellets from the bunker to the burner
  • Electric internal auger motor to forward the fuel to the burning area
  • Main blower with speed control to regulate the air flow
  • Cleaner motor - an additional high power blower to clean the burner
  • An electric motor of the soot cleaning device.
  • An electric motor of the ash cleaning device.
  • An additional smoke fan with a speed control.
  • Hot water circulation pump.
  • Central heating circulation pump.
  • Electric ignition.
  • Photocell to detect ignition.
  • Temperature sensor of the boiler for automatic power regulatio.
  • Backfire temperature sensor or thermostat.
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensor.
  • Outdoor temperature sensor. It is used for an intelligent boiler temperature control.
  • Hall sensor for fresh air fan speed control.
  • Room thermostat for burner control according to room temperature.
  • RS 232 serial interface. It is used for remote monitoring, control and software upgrading.
The controller consists of two modules: “Control module” with a graphical display and can be placed at convenient and accessible place and “Execute module” that drives all units.

Some important NPBC-V3 advantages:
  • Automatic ignition and burning control.
Pellet burner controller screen 1
  • Burner power is modulated, according to the boiler temperature.
  • Intelligent “Stand by” burning mode when reaching the boiler or room thermostat preset temperature. Thus the full stop of burning and the necessity of a next ignition can be avoided, keeping a low power and a low fuel consumption.
  • Automatically resuming the burning after power outages.
  • Programmable cycles for an automatic ash cleaning with stopping the process of burning, provides continuous 24/7 unattended operation.
  • Control of an additional powerful fan in order to clean completely the burning wastes.
  • Date and time support with the option for daily schedule programming.
  • Three programmable timers for fixing the ignition time and the extinguishing time of the burner.
  • Comprehensive and informative graphic LCD display
  • Full self diagnostics.
  • Adjustable heating process parameters.
  • Intuitive interface for set up and functioning.
Pellet burner controller screen 3

The controllers NPBC-V3-1 are generally designed for building in the pellet burners BURNiT PELL made by SUNSYSTEM.

There are different versions of software for NPBC-V3. Thus they can control not only burners with different configuration and complexity, but pellet boilers with different functionality as well. Thanks to the number of inputs and outputs, the controller NPBC-V3 has a really wide range of application.

Version of the controller NPBC-V3 for biomass boiler.


The software in the controller for burners NPBC-V3-1 works in Spanish and Portuguese too.


Version of the controller NPBC-V3 designed for pellet burner made by GREYKO

Version of the controller NPBC-V3 designed for pellet burner Biotech

The controller NPBC-V3 has been replaced by the new model NPBC-V3C !


Download documentation

NPBC-V3-1 - User Guide (EN)  NPBC-V3-1 - Technical and User Guide

Mounting Requirements (EN)  NPBC-V3 - Mounting Requirements

Guia técnica y manual de uso (ES)   
Controlador electrónico para quemadores  
de biomasa y pellets - 
NPBC-V3-1 (Spanish version)

Technischer Leitfaden (DE)  Technischer Leitfaden - Elektronischer Controller für Pelletbrenner NPBC-V3-1 (German version)

Manual de uso e guia técnico (PT)  Controlador eletrónico para queimadores de Pellets e Biomassa NPBC-V3-1 (Portuguese)

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