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RITA-V2 - Computerized call charging and billing system of subscribers in telephone exchanges type A29

The system RITA - V2 registers and records the necessary information for all calls of A 29 type automatic telephone exchange (ATX). It is of modular design and allows coverage of ATX with capacity between 100 and 10 000 subscribers. The construction allows fast and simple installation of each part of the system, as well as easy maintenance.

Each module is fully independent, which allows data acquisition, processing and recording irrespectively of the operation of other system modules. The collected data are stored in the non-volatile memory of the module, which is sufficient to accommodate 4000 calls in Input Selector (IS) modules and 2200 in the modules of the First Group Selector (1st GS). The operational program is stored in a nonvolatile memory, which allows updating by reloading from the operator's computer.
Structure of the RITA-V2.
The system registers for all outgoing calls:
  • Calling number
  • The complete called number
  • Identified outgoing line
  • Date, commencement and duration of the call
  • Registered charging units
  • Calculated charging units on the basis of time, geographic zones and call duration
  • Parameters of the selector
  • 1st GS the call has passed through
The system provides information for:
  • All outgoing calls of a selected subscriber for selected periods of time or for selected outgoing lines.
  • The last 5000 calls effected by selected IS or 1st GS modules.
  • High duration calls, big or small quantity of charging units.
  • Subscribers with accumulated number of charging units higher than a specified. figure, for selected period of time.
  • All current calls
  • Incoming calls to selected number.
  • Connections set up between IS and 1st GS at the moment.
  • current status of the mechanical meters for a selected frame.
  • charging units accumulated by each subscriber on a selected frame for specified period of time on local, toll and international lines.
  • Total ATX outgoing traffic per lines, including call number, registered and calculated charging units, call time (minutes) and percentage of the charging units of this line, compared to the total traffic.
  • Suspended subscriber telephones and conditions
Line Switch Diagnostics
  • Disconnected RITA-V2 conductors to ATX
  • External AC voltages or leakage of subscribers "a" conductor to ground
  • Telephone open for more than 60 minutes
  • Continuing charging units at disconnected calling subscriber
  • Preliminary charging
  • Calls without registered charging units
  • Calls with difference between registered and calculated charging units
  • Local calls with more than one charging unit
  • Burned fuse of a frame
  • Power supply ripple (- 60 V), etc.
  • Oscilloscope pattern of the voltages measured simultaneously in the connection points of IS module to ATX (Oscillogram 1)
  • Power supply oscilloscope pattern
First Group Selector Diagnostics:
  • Disconnected RITA-V2 conductors to ATX
  • Lack of transfer of the incoming clock pulses or Z relay stuck
  • No clock pulses on "b" output conductor
  • Broken Rk contact (charging by RITA-V2 continues)
  • A subscriber not disconnected
  • B subscriber not disconnected (blocked 1st GS)
  • A and B closed but 1st GS not disconnected
  • Voltage on "a" input < 30 V (asymmetry of A and B relays)
  • Lack of interval between end of dialing and call beginning at local call
  • No supply on "a" output conductor of some following GS (open circuit)
  • Calls without charging units
  • Local calls with more than one charging unit
  • Dial time-parameters measurement, pulse series transmitted to A- relay charging unit (pulse) duration, etc.
  • Oscilloscope pattern of the voltages measured simultaneously in the connection points of GS module to ATX (Oscillogram 2)
  • Graphical representation of the outgoing traffic through each 1st GS 
The charging and billing system RITA-V2 has found a wide application in telephone exchanges of BTC and has served over 702000 subscribers of the fixed telephone network in Bulgaria. The number of the telephone exchanges where RITA-V2 is installed is over 520 in more than 490 towns in Bulgaria.

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