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PV-SCTL16 - Smart Wireless String Level Photovoltaic Monitoring System

PV-SCTL16 is a modernized version of its proven with indisputable quality and reliability string level monitoring system PV-SCTL3. It has new wireless measuring modules with the same compact sizes but with 16 inputs. They replace completely the old measuring modules as having some important advantages:
  • The number of the inputs for the separate strings is up to 16
  • An opportunity for an additional module to be plugged in, for measuring the sun radiation via Pyranometer. Due to this data, the system of monitoring will look to the productivity of the photovoltaic panels
  • Afford an opportunity an additional module with galvanically isolated RS-485 interface to be plugged in
  • Their LED indicators informing for damaged string are situated at more appropriate place
  • They enable a radio module NR-868Pv3 with larger range to be plugged in. This will increase the reliability of the wireless connections and will allow the measuring modules to work only with inner antenna in the plastic string boxes. In this way the necessity of external antenna will drop out as in many latitudes they can shade the panels because there the sun shines from all directions
  • They have two temperature sensors, one for the temperature inside the box with an alarm in case of fire in the box and one for measuring the outer temperature or the temperatures of photovoltaic panels.
All other qualities and abilities of string monitoring system PV-SCTL16 are inherited from PV_SCTL3

String Combiner Box with PV-SCTL16
Monitoring Combiner Box with PV-SCTL16

The main features of the PV-SCTL16 are:
  • It provides trusted detailed information about the power generated by each string of PV panels.
  • It provides information about fault in PV panels in each strings. Such information is accompanied by a light indication, visible both from the central server and the string box.
  • Upon occurrence of a fault in the power plant the system gives clear and visible reference points of the place, where the fault is registered and the fault nature.
  • It makes an analysis of overshadowing of the strings.
  • It monitors the status of fuses of each strings.
  • It provides information about occurrence of a serious current leakage or a short circuit in the cables of the strings.
  • Full self-diagnostic of each measuring module.
  • The mounting of the system is easy and quick. No need of additional cabling for power supply and data transmission. The measuring modules are mounted in the Combiner Box, powered from current generated by the PV panels and have wireless connection with the server.
  • High precision.
  • Very compact size and easy mounting.
  • User friendly software.

Technical data:
  • Number of terminals for separate strings - 16
  • Range of measured current - +/-10А
  • Method of current measuring - by shunt resistor 0,01 Ohm
  • Max. operating voltage - up to 1000V DC
  • Measurement accuracy - +/-1%
  • Power supply range - 30 - 1000VDC (start from 200VDC)
  • Consumed power - мах 2.5W
  • Radio-modem frequency - 868MHz
  • RF output power - 10dBm or 25dBm
  • LED indicators - 18
  • Isolated serial interface for diagnostics and upgrading
  • Dimensions of the PCB - 180х107mm


Measuring module included in the system are depicted as rectangles on the map of the terrain of the plant, the color of the rectangle indicates the status of the module. Thus the operator can easily understand the state of the whole plant and the location of the problematic components.

Мain screen with Status page


The program allows showing oscillograms with measured parameters in real time for the selected measuring module.

Panel to display information for the current module contains the name of the measuring module, indicators for module inputs and four pages - Status, Measure, Power Meter and Shading Loss. Indicators of inputs of the module signal string generating less energy than others. Status page contains the latest available status of the module, the parameters that are outside acceptable limits are displayed in red.

Measure page contains the latest available information on measured parameters of the module, which includes a diagram of the instantaneous power of the inputs, calculated from the measured input voltage of the module and the input current.
Main screen with Measurement page

Power Meter
page contains a chart with total generated power and generated power from last reset.
Main screen with Total generated power
Page Shading Loss
Main screen page with shading losses
The program automatically receive information from all measuring modules included in the system. Based on the already received information make various reports and charts.

Daily generated energy
Daily generated energy.

Monthly generated energy (sum record)
Monthly generated energy (sum record)

Generated power for every strings.
Generated power for every strings.

Total Generated Power
Power plant total generated power

The megawatt scale photovoltaic power plants with PV-SCTL16:

1. Photovoltaic Power Plant - Kaolinovo 294 - 4.5MWpPV Power Plant Chobanka
Photovoltaic Power Plant - Kardzhali - 4.0MWp
3. Photovoltaic Power Plant - Trud - 3.0MWp
4. Photovoltaic Power Plant - Kameno - 5.0MWp
5. Photovoltaic Power Plant - Bistrec - 3.0MWp
6. Photovoltaic Power Plant - Letnica - 1.0MWp
7. Photovoltaic Power Plant - Chobanka - 10.5MWp
8. Photovoltaic Power Plant - Kaolinovo 026 - 4.5MWp
9. Photovoltaic Power Plant - Kaolinovo 001 - 4.5MWp
10. Photovoltaic Power Plant - Dobrich - 14.0MWp
11. Photovoltaic Power Plant - Blatec - 1.3MWp
12. Photovoltaic Power Plant - Razlog "Perun" - 5.0MWp
13. Photovoltaic Power Plant - "Torpedo" Republic of Macedonia - 1.0MWp
14. Photovoltaic Power Plant - Popgruevo - 4.9MWp
15Photovoltaic Power Plant - Caracal, Romania  - 3MWp
16Photovoltaic Power Plant - Remus, Romania  - 2.16MWp

PV Power Plant Trud

PV Power Plant Kaolinovo
PV Power Plant - Dobrich

Download documentation

 PV-SCTL16 Product Information PV-SCTL16 Product Information

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